Break Through Your Tight Hips &

Finally release your hip pain

Join me for 14 days for just $27 (under $2/day)

You might be thinking,

"This pain I feel in my hips is never going away." or


"I'm not flexible enough for yoga"...

You feel...

  • Constant pain in your hip.
  • Pain doing lunges, walking, running, even standing while washing dishes. 
  • You aren't flexible enough to go to Yoga. 
  • More fatigue than normal during workouts and your daily activities.
  • So much pain you might be thinking..."This is it, I'm never going to get rid of this pain and I'll just have to live with it. "  

It gets even worse, You Tried EVERYTHING!

  • Chiropractic,

  • Massage therapy that hurts so good,

  • Massage that feels so good,

  • Acupuncture,

  • Energy work,

  • Stretching here and there,

  • Cut back on working out in a week,

  • Scaled back heavy lifting to light lifting to just bodyweight,

And nothing seems to be working.

"It seems like nothing is working"....This is a trend I hear with my students. 

Most of my students are those with very active lifestyles, Cross Fitters, Runners, Cyclists, etc. 


I hear this all the time...

"I can't walk without pain."

"I can't work out without pain in my hips, knees, back." 

"I can't bend down without pain in my hip." 

"I can't squat down deeply, so I back off in my workouts." 

Even with all of the yoga and stretching programs, most adults have lost their hip flexibility and mobility causing them hip pain.  Unless you have a serious injury, it's normal and YOU'RE NOT ALONE.


The good news is you CAN release the pain in your hips! AND you don't need to do hours of yoga or stretching.


You're like "No way, boo!" and I'm like "YES BOO!"

Imagine if you could:

  • Reduce hip pain. But, also reduce low back, knee, and ankle pain.

  • Reduce the possibility of getting injured.

  • Become a faster, stronger, more resilient athlete. 

  • Manage the pain. Or better...reduce your pain to NO PAIN!

  • Gain more energy to go hiking, biking, or run after your toddler who runs amuck all day!

With this 14 day program, you will get

We will begin with foundational classes that focus on the muscles surrounding the hips. This is great for beginners. Then, we dive into gaining flexibility and mobility.  Getting you closer to feeling no pain.

Yep! Thats all you need to release hip tightness & pain.  I understand we all have super busy schedules.  That's why these classes are short and to the point.  Just like this paragraph! 😂

You have access to my VIP Facebook group with like minded individuals who are also working on tight hips.  There, you will have access to MORE classes, tips and can ask me questions.

Don't have 15-45 Minutes a day? Don't worry I got YOU!

I'm including a PDF of 10 mini flows & poses to break through your tight hips in less then 5-10 minutes! If you don't have time for a full session.  Well? Here there ya go!

Extra 4 downloadable videos that are anatomical specific.  (ex. hamstrings and glutes). You get to keep these forever.  

That's a total of 18 videos!

You get this for $27

Valued at $249

"Sandy is hilarious! Her knowledge of anatomy is fascinating and her ability to get your body moving to prepare for certain poses is incredible. The classes are fun and informative in a way that I hadn’t experienced in a yoga class before. You can be at any level in your ability and enjoy these classes".


Film Industry - Sound Production

"An absolutely must do! I definitely feel a difference from before starting the program and would do it again in a heartbeat. The pace was perfect. Some days kicked my butt and others were exactly what I needed and I always felt better afterward, even if I was struggling at first."




"Sandy is a feel good guru! She takes the scary out of yoga and adds a lightheartedness fun to classes while still getting the results you want. Getting flexy can be challenging but when you know you're going to learn some anatomy, laugh at a silly joke and feel soooo relaxed and connected to yourself afterward, you look forward to each session that much more! And the rewards keep coming when you're pain free, recovering from your workouts faster and learning what it means to listen to your body. All in all, 100% recommendation for any program she's offering. Thank you Sandy!"


CrossFit Gym Mgr.

My Story...

I've got a secret to tell you.  I actually did not like yoga! THERE! I said it.  "Why?!?", You ask? Because it felt hard!! Yep, I had tightness & pain in my body from years of no stretching or mobility work. I had pain especially in my left hip. I had so much tightness, I started crying in one of the classes. 😳 

But get this. I decided to become a yoga teacher, not for myself, but for my massage clients. 🤯 It turned out, it really helped me.  In more ways than I expected.    


A little extra about me.  I do CrossFit and I'm over 40.  I seriously didn't think I'd EVER be able to workout without pain. Especially being over 40!  If it weren't for yoga, I would not have the confidence to do CrossFit or my massage career.  I don't get pain except for the normal sorenss from a good workout.


Now!  I do yoga to prep for my workouts and workout recovery.  I do yoga for some of my workouts.  Best of all, I do yoga for fun!  


I would love to help and guide you on how you can use yoga (rather YOMO-yoga+mobility) to gain confidence to live life without fear of pain.

Frequently asked questions...








Do I get immediate access? 

Yep! You get access right away.  It's easy to follow and guides you all the way through.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have access to the program for as long as I am still open and selling this program! The bonus of the 4 downloadable videos; those you can hide away in your computer and keep for life. 

What if I have never done yoga before?

This program is made for beginners and the inflexible.  I will take you through foundational sequences in the first two classes to get you familiarized with yoga.  I use descriptive pose names versus the Asana names to reduce confusion. Also, in most classes, I'm going slow.  To make it easy to follow.

What if I need more help?

You will have access to my Facebook group with like-minded and supportive peeps.  I'll be there answering questions, giving tips and adding more classes.  Also, I do 1:1 guidance and support.  You can email me at

Do I need to have tight hips to join?

NOPE! This program is great if you want to get started on a yoga journey.  This is for beginners to yoga, athletes, people who workout regularly, office workers, etc.  Its made for the inflexible and the beginners to yoga.

What if I can't do it on my own?

No problem! I do 1:1 guidance and support.  You can email me at

How do I know this is right for me?

Would I get a refund, if it's not?

Although this program is non-refundable. The great thing is, this is a very low cost! If you have tight hips, you will get relief from your pain with minimum effort.  If you can commit to just 7 days (which do not have to be in a row), you will get some pain relief results.  Although, the more you do the more pain relief.  

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