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October 18th


7 days of 30 minute

Beginner Power 

Yoga Classes


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Beginner Power Yoga For

Strength & Stamina

  • You're looking for ways to increase your fitness level.
  • You want to get back to working out, but the gym is closed!
  • It's been a while since you have worked a looooong time.
  • You can now manage the pain, but now you feel weak.
  • You want to go on longer runs, hikes, or lift heavier, but need more stamina.

What if I told you, Power Yoga will do all of that and then some!

Power Yoga gives you full body fitness to build:

  • Strength 

  • Flexibility 

  • Balance

  • Stamina & Endurance

  • Focus

 Wouldn't it be AH-MAH-ZING if...


  • You could feel invigorated, awake, and energized to do more! Not just in your workouts, but also in daily life.

  • You you could transform your workout slump to workout success.

  • You could increase the weight you lift in your deadlifts, over head squats, and power cleans with EASE!

  • You can go on a 1 mile hike or run versus just around the block.

  • You're able to finish first in that CrossFit class and gloat to Coach because you beat him or her!

  • You're able to out run your toddler! I'd be impressed with this one for sure! LOLOL


I mean, seriously...I could go on for daysssssssssss on how Power Yoga will help you.  I literally just did a CrossFit workout the other day and was actually able to keep up with my coach, she was like "oh, you're done?" and I said "Helllllll ya!" (and then almost threw up lolololol, just kidding).

With this 7 day program, you will get

7 live Power Yoga Classes with me

There is nothing like going to a live class! An in-class feel, right in your own home. You don't have to worry about the yoga studio being closed.

But wait Bob, there's more!

For the youngins', thats a reference to the Price is Right Game show. LOL

I have some bonuses to add on to this madness! ok, ya, thats a bit of a corny way to say that...but yes I have bonuses for you. LOL

Shoulder Recovery Poses

You will receive a PDF of ways to help you recover your shoulders from our workouts together.  In Yoga we work a lot on upper body.  You're gonna need this! 

4 Workout Recovery Videos

You will receive 4 downloadable videos, you get to keep forever! These are up to 15 minutes each. With sequences created to help you enhance your workout recovery.

3 Cardio Yoga Videos

Oh ya! Cardio Yoga. You will be surprised with how your heart rate increases with these classes. These classes are amazing for body sculpting and toning. You will knock out your workout with these 30 minute classes!

You get this for


Valued at $299

"We've begun another 10 day exercise challenge with this incredible lady today! I cannot recommend her enough.  She's fun, insanely knowledgeable about anatomy and she gets your bdy going in ways that are totally DOABLE. Following her has been a real game changer.  If you need inspiration to get off your butt and feel good and laugh a lot while doing it - checkout Sandy Cole yoga and mobility."


Hair Stylist

"Sandy is a feel good guru! She takes the scary out of yoga and adds a lightheartedness fun to classes while still getting the results you want. Getting flexy can be challenging but when you know you're going to learn some anatomy, laugh at a silly joke and feel soooo relaxed and connected to yourself afterward, you look forward to each session that much more! And the rewards keep coming when you're pain free, recovering from your workouts faster and learning what it means to listen to your body. All in all, 100% recommendation for any program she's offering. Thank you Sandy!"


CrossFit Gym Mgr.

"The classes have been fantastic!! I can't explain how awesome it has been, physically and mentally. Can't really think of more of anything, it's all just been such a fun variety. Being a somewhat newcomer to yoga, and certainly practicing as regularly as we have been this past week, everything has just been fantastic. Absolutely loving digging into the hips and learning anatomy of the area. The bonus massage video was awesome! Where has that been all my life? LOL Thank you so much for putting this program together, Sandy! Kristen and I really enjoy having you in our home!"



He gets to work on movies!

"An absolutely must do! I definitely feel a difference from before starting the program and would do it again in a heartbeat. The pace was perfect. Some days kicked my butt and others were exactly what I needed and I always felt better afterward, even if I was struggling at first."



Frequently asked questions...






Do I get immediate access?

Yep! you get access right away.  It's easy to follow and guides you all the way through.

What if I never done yoga before?

This program is made for beginners and the inflexible.  I will take you through foundational sequences first two classes to get you familiarized with yoga.  I use descriptive pose names versus the Asana names to reduce confusion. 

What if I need more help?

You will have access to my Facebook group with like-minded and supportive peeps.  I'll be there answering questions, giving tips and adding more classes.  Also, I do 1:1 guidance and support.  You can email me at

Do I have to have know how to do Yoga?

NOPE! This program is great if you want to get started on a workout yoga journey.  This is for beginners to yoga, athletes, people who workout regularly, office workers.  Its made for the inflexible and the beginners to yoga.

What if I can't do it on my own?

No problem! I do 1:1 guidance and support.  You can email me at

How do I know this is right for me?

Would I get a refund, if it's not?

I do not do refunds for live classes.  The great thing is this is a very low cost!  If you can commit to just 7 days, you will get some strength & stamina. 


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