The biggest takes I want my students to get...

Updated: Jan 9

The biggest take I want my students to get from taking my classes or my programs is body awareness. Over the years, I have developed body awareness that has allowed me to manage body pain, digestion issues, and my emotions!

What is body awareness?

Body awareness is understanding how your body reacts to everything. How does it react to activities? Ex. When I run I want to die(just kidding, well maybe just kidding LOL)...My legs feel heavy after I run. How does your body react to food? ex. When I eat tomatoes I get acid reflux. What emotions come out when communicating to others? You get the picture right?

How do I gain body awareness?

Paying attention to how you feel throughout your whole body inside and out. You're like "Uhhhh, huh?". I know it sounds daunting. It actually is quite simple. And it will depend on how deep you want to dive into your body. For me, I went deep. Sometimes when I tell people what I can feel they start to laugh at me, but then say "really?" with a very inquisitive tone. Then we have a huge conversation about body awareness. And I'm like, YESSSSSSSS.

Being that we can't have a one on one conversation, I thought I'd at least help you get started on your body awareness.

3 ways to gain body awareness

1) Guided meditation throughout your body.

When I was in massage school, my teachers would do guided mediation traveling through our bodies. We would lay down or sit comfortably. Then, my teacher would guide us, starting from our toes ending at the top of our heads. Saying things such as, "Feel the clothes on your skin. Feel the air against your skin." etc etc. We did this for about 15 minutes. If you want a sample, I'll hook you up! email me at in the subject line put body awareness guided meditation and Ill email you a little recording I did!

2) Journal

You can learn so much about your body. You can also learn a lot about your mind and spirit as well. Figure out what you want to learn about your body. For example, how your body reacts to food.

Body awareness doesn't have to stop on the physical. You can learn about your emotions and how they affect you and (for example) getting things done. Go crazy and get to know yourself! You might be surprised. To get you started, I have a journal sample you can download. Take what you want from it. Here ya go!

daily journal
Download PDF • 95KB

3) Do YOMO with Sandy!

Yep! Do yoga, work on your mobility, or just simply stretch. Doing activity will certainly bring you deep into your body. The next time you do a class with me, put the video on pause and ask yourself questions. For example, what is that sensation I'm feeling? Is that sharp pain or is it achey pain? Where is the pain originating from? This is one of the reasons why I go slow in my classes. Going slow will bring you into your body, but it also slows you down to be able to pay attention.

You can start with my beginner yoga classes. I go fairly slow in those classes.

  1. Click here to do a short Sun Salutation class. It's under 11 minutes.

  2. Put the video on pause when or if you fell tightness.

  3. Start to ask yourself those questions. Or use the above journal to help you.

  4. Go deeper by asking yourself questions about your emotions. For example, pay attention to whether you get angry or frustrated in any of the poses.

  5. Repeat as many times or try it with other classes out there! You might get suprised on what you learn about your body.

I woul love to hear about your experiences. You can email me

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